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We strive to make good decisions for the land, waters, and all of Creation based on our Anishinabe worldview. Our decisions are rooted in our teachings, representative of the roles and responsibilities of our Clan System and guided by the principles of the Seven Grandfather Teachings (dabaadendiziwin Humility , gwekwaadziwin Honesty , mnaadendimowin Respect , aakwa’ode’ewin Bravery , nbwaakaawin Wisdom , debwewin Truth , and zaagidwin Love ).

“That’s what I was always told—you take care of yourself, you take care of the land, then it’ll take care of you. Have that respect for whatever is there, and it’ll come back to you. So, that’s what it is to me to be Anishinabe, to live that life that was given with you, and to share that life, the good life. That’s what they call it. And that good life is living the Seven Grandfather Teachings, living off the land, respecting all those things, and taking care of the land, and taking care of your family and your community.”

— Shawanaga Community Member

Our management of Shawanaga Island will be based on several overarching goals, including:

  • Protect, conserve, and restore biodiversity, ecosystems and culture
  • Foster cross-cultural exchange and learning opportunities
  • Empower Shawanaga members to continue using and have greater access to Shawanaga Island

As we continue developing our management plan for the Island, we will provide more details and interactive features for you to explore on this page. Check back soon!

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