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Shawanaga Island is located along the shoreline of Georgian Bay. The Island has been enjoyed by many for generations – for swimming, boating, picnics, camping, hunting, education, exploring and adventures.

Mission & Vision

Shawanaga First Nation has been working since 2019 to establish an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area on Shawanaga Island and its surrounding waters. We will lead the protection and care of the Shawanaga Island IPCA using our own laws, governance and knowledge systems as well as western science and management principles. The Georgian Bay shoreline and Shawanaga Island has been home to us, the Anishinabe of Shawanaga First Nation, for thousands of years. By creating the IPCA, we are rebuilding connections to the Island that have been lost in recent generations.

Story of the Island

It is our belief that the Creator who put us here gave us the gift of the lands, waters, and the air we breathe. We strive to uphold the best interests of the total well-being of the earth, all of creation, and all people. Shawanaga First Nation is committed to protecting and conserving Shawanaga Island so that it remains a special place for generations to come, and we welcome our neighbours to join us in that commitment.


The management of the island for the long term will be guided by teachings and practices that the ancestors have passed down to us, such as the Seven Grandfather Teachings and our Clan Systems and Totems. We will balance using the island and protecting the lands and waters; we will only take what we need and use the land that we need, leaving much of the land in its natural state.

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Shawanaga Island is made up of 1020 hectares of Treaty land, inland waters, coastline and nearshore waters. Shawanaga First Nation has always, from time immemorial, used, respected and cared for the Island. It is our belief that the Creator who put us here gave us the gift of the land, water and air, and it is our responsibility in turn to care for and protect them.

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